wow this journal is old

ok well its been a while
reading back on these i cant believe how much
of my personal life i shared on the web
i guess when you 14 you dont realize
well i am 19 now and alot has changed
does anyone even use lj anymore?
well holla at me if you guys still read this stuff


okay my sister,mycousin and i sat at my house watching my new special edition mr. orange reseviour dogs was nice.anywho then we drove off in my cousin mellisa's volks wagon beetle.we went to walgreens for a camera.we got to ultra at one thirtyish.ok so as soon as we goet there i call my dad(hes working the show).he comes by and brings us some redbulls.which was great cuz there like 6 bucks or w/e.the food was expensive as hell ,so we just chilled till a little before hot hot heat played.before hthey came on my dad brought us backstage wewent back stage.not five minutes after we arrive back stage and we see PERRY FERREL from JANES ADDICTION!i love him so we asked for a picture.he was real nice.then we are chilling,we were directly behind the stage.we see HOT HOT HEAT go on.then my dad takes us on stage to watch them perform and take pix.then were sitting drinking red bulls and i point out this guy with awesome vans.i mean they were real kool,pink and blue high tops.then mellisa points out that thats the BRANDON FLOWERS the singer of the u guys dont know how many nights ive spent dreaming of him.well so we ask for a pic and i tell him i love him alot he says thanx.i take pic with him and hug him was nice!!!he was going to watch hot hot heat.then later on we take a pic with the singer of hot hot heat.he is cute i had to tell him.he said we were cuter.ha. then the killers take forever to go on and we see brandon flowers use a porta potty which was funny cuz there were nicer bathrooms.i told him after he said he was alright though.then we were all on the side of the stage watching the killers perform.there were great and damn those were nice vans.okok after the killers we had to hall ass to get to there were great.they came to close to us.i got some great pix.really great pix.there were really amazing. okok after them we wnet back stage again and used the nice bathrooms.the air conditioned ones.niceeeeeeeee.then we get even more prodigy pix.they hailed them off pretty fast though.then we bolted,thanked my dad,and went to bk!the end of an amazing night indeed.

winter break so far

havent see the new king kong however the old one is awesome.
winter break is lame
i love project runway
cant wait for christmas
my retainers hurt my mouth
feel like im a depressing european movie
could be worse
it can always get worse
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its been a while i guess huh?
well new skool year.its kool made new friends.
good people.i miss nick.
i wanna dance.this is kinda pointless.
w/e see ya

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hey yea so now im totally like going back on what i said about chiu.maybe i was too harsh.i dunno.i thought i wouldnt care so much.boy i was just a sucker for boys.being nice sux