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i cut him just to see how much he would bleed

Sake and strange divine Uh-hu-hu-uh-hu-hu you'll make it

17 June

yo my names kat.i would think thats obvious.i like all music.pretty much.i love to dance.i love my friends.my wife is christine.i adore photography.i love david la chapelle.
almost famous, american beauty, andy warhol, angry beavers, art, big eyes, bight colors, bill and ted, bjork, björk, blondie, candy, cap'n crunch, cats, coca cola, coke, comics, cruel irony, dancing, david bowie, debbie harry, detriot rock city, donnie darko, edward furlong, elton john, elvis costello, euro trash, eyeliner, faeries, faith no more, generation-x, green day..., guitar, guys who wear pink, halloween, harry potter, hearts, herion addicts, hoodies, iggy pop, interpol, jareth, jay adams, john cusack, john lennon, julian casablancas, karen o, kieren culkin, kill bill 1 2, kings of leon, le tigre, led zeppelin, legend, lotr, lou reed, lukas haas, macaulay culkin, michael ian black, milla jovovich, money!, mr orange, music, my lime green cons, nicky, nico, pale skin, patrick fugit, photograhpy, pink(the color), pirates of the carribean, pistols, plastic rings, poetry, poets, pretty in pink, queen, radiohead, ramones, reading, richard hell, rocky horror, s.t.u..n, scarlett johansson, sex pistols, sid vicious, sixteen candles, slc punk, slim shady, south park, spider, spinal tap, stars, tank girl, tears for fears, tears of blood, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cars, the clash......and me!!!!!!!!1, the cure, the dark crystal, the flaming lips, the heartbreakers, the jam, the mars volta, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the rolling stones, the sounds, the strokes, the sugarcubes, the used, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, tom cruise, trainspotting, trent ford, twiggy, underoath, vampires, vinyl, virginity, virgins, ziggy stardust